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sergino clarifying shampooSergino Design Gele: Sergino Design Gelee leaves hair full and shiny
with no flaking, dehydration or buildup. Ideal for sculpting, forming, setting and blow-drying. May be applied to damp or totally dry hair depending on the amount of firmness or volume.

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  • Sergino Designing Gelee: Design Gelee leaves hair full and shiny no flaking dehydration or buildup. Ideal for sculpting forming setting and blow-drying.


Directions for Sergino Hair Thckening Shampoo:

  • Wet hair thoroughly
  • Shampoo 2 times with Sergino Shampoo
  • Rinse out all shampoo
  • RPlace a nichol (5-cent) size portion of Sergino Design Gele in the palm of 1 hand
  • Rub palms together with water from shower to "make" more conditioner
  • Apply conditioner to your wet hair and working through with finger tips to cover all hair.
  • Wait 2-5 minute, allowing conditioner to penetrate.
  • Rinse
  • Towel blot or squeeze hair to dry
  • For maximum results, follow with Sergino Styling Aid and Sergino Hair Spray apply designing Gellee to hair before styling. Then finish after styling by using Designi"piece" or seperate hair for desired textured look.

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